Oleh: rateeeh | 28 Februari 2016


Haven’t seen this blog for ages, I found out that my self writing in English not that bad and enjoyed my self story in the past a lot. i want to write something, but then I read an old story, that isn’t published yet, appear in draft box with date: 17 March 2013. I think that it is interesting. It must be shared with you hihihi, so I publish it now (in 28 February 2016), what a long time 😂. Check it out:

“Hi all, happy new year 2013 😊

I’m sorry to say that this late, it was already March haha, but I have to say that because my last posting was on July, 1st, 2010! It was so looong time I update this blog haha. Sorry for long time waiting, it was my bad, too lazy writing… 😜

New year, new spirit. Do you try something new this year? If you ask me, here are the new things I want to try it on: Driving!

This year I learn to drive a car in my 25 years old-to-be. Actually I has been want learn it for a long time since my father bought a car, but my father didn’t give me permission to learn it yet maybe because he thought me I still like kid at that time. My style in using motorcycle still made him worry hehehe.

There are five member in family: my mother, my father, my two older sister and I. In my family, there are only my father and my second-older-sister that able driving car. Although, both of them are very careful person. They are always avoid driving car in crowded street, so bad that our family never use car to go  downtown together when there was an event like night market, shalat Id, etc. I understand the situation, but to be honest I really want all of us to go that place together. Whereas when I was child that there was no car, five of us go downtown by only one motorcycle every year on the Id Mubarrak feast, my father take us in two row, my 1st sister and I first then go back to pick up my mother and my 2nd sister. When we have a car, I think it will be easy for all of us go there together, but in fact we never go because of the crowded street.We just go to the nearest mosque to do shalat Id. I miss shalat Id in the Alun-alun (town center) where all people in my hometown do Shalat Id together.

Time flies so fast. I have already graduated from my college and life afar from my parents (in Jakarta). My first-older-sister got married and live with her husband afar from my parents too (in Surabaya). I just realized that my parents are getting older faster than I think when in 2012 both of them got retirement. Fortunately, there is my second-older-sister that got her job in my hometown so she can live together with my parents, accompanying them. In Oktober 2012 my father’s knee has trouble. He is diagnosed to suffer knee-osteoarthritis, a degradation function of feet knee joints that make him can’t walking comfortably. It trouble him a lot so doctor suggest him to get knee joint replacement surgery. Alhamdulillah the surgery went well, but my father still can’t back to his health knee condition before. Although the pain was disappear, it’s still heavy in mobility: walk, sit, standup, etc. So now, my second-older-sister have to take over the driver duty and I start thinking again that I need to learn driving to back up her when she is not arround.

I already got my motorcycle driving license which in Indonesia we called it “Surat Ijin Mengemudi (SIM)-C” when I was in 17 years old. Now in my age 25 years old, I want to get car driving license, that is SIM-A.

In January 2013 finally I decided to took a private driving course in nearest my boarding house in Jakarta. Although the fee I have to pay is rather expensive, I want learn driving properly from a teacher who really master it since I live in Jakarta and the traffic jam always so bad that really need more driving skill. I choosed 12 hours class from basic. I learn driving two hours a week on Saturday. Now I almost completed my class, once more meeting and it will be finish. Now I almost completed my course. I have learned a lot from driving and it is so much fun. The last time the course I learned driving in the actual road for the first time. Although it was raining, I really enjoy driving while listening to the music in the radio. Can you imagine how it feels? It makes me want to buy my own car so badly even more 😝 You have to make a try on driving too.

Do you have anything new that you want accomplish in this year? If not, you should think one. We are still young, we still have a lot time, strength, and spirit to live our life, make it fun. For me, beside driving, I still have a lot to do in mind. After my driving course finish, I’m going to do another new things 😉”


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